This is our mission

Tikvah Hope Sanctuary is a not for profit organisation created to bring hope and encourage resilience in the lives of young women, 16-28 years across the United Kingdom. At Tikvah we work with young women irrespective of race, nationality or religious inclination.
We provide support, through our specially designed programmes which includes mind-set transforming workshops, signposting services, mentoring and life coaching sessions. We believe women can transform the world and we stand by them to make this happen.

Our Vision

We believe that every woman has the potential to transform her own world universe life


Transforming mindsets through workshops to shift deep seated beliefs and negative mindsets.

We encourage young women to transform their thinking.


Empowering women to take charge of their lives through mentoring and coaching sessions.

We empower young women to be leaders within their own communities.


Providing access to relevant information to help maximise potential.

We help young women to be the best version of themselves.


Creating opportunities to give back to the community.

We encourage young women to be their sisters keeper.

What we offer

Pastoral Care

Our team of advisors work very closely with our young women to ensure they are safeguarded and empowered to fulfill their goals. They do this by providing practical advice, signposting service and handholding services when needed.


The mentoring program has been set up to support a smaller number of young women who wish to have more formalised goal orientated development with the help of a more experienced mentor who can support their development.


We are passionate about a growth mindset. We have designed a fantastic collection of relevant topics to drive discussion and improve learning outcomes.


 Do you want to expand your network? Make new friends? Join our team and find your opportunity to contribute to positive social change.

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