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Dear Volunteer mentor, 


Tikvah Hope Sanctuary is a Charity Project, rooted in a belief of Hope and an ability to fulfil one’s potential.

It is aimed to help and identify young women, aged 16-28 who have dreams and aspirations to fulfil their personal, educational, and professional goals with the desire to improve their life.

The Charity aims to support those from secular and non-secular backgrounds who feel they have not had enough formal or informal support to fulfil their potential and have the desire to begin a journey of self improvement.


Unleash your potential.

We aim to provide resources including sign posting, courses, online development programs, coaching and mentoring.

The mentoring program has been set up to support a smaller number of young women who wish to have more formalised goal orientated development with the help of a more experienced mentor who can support their development.

Interested? Then we would absolutely love to hear from you. Email us with your CV and telling us a bit more about why you would like to become a mentor at [email protected] or reach out to us using our contact form.

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