Louise Alder

Mentoring Co-Ordinator

Hi. My name is Louise Alder or Lulu, I’m a surgeon in training, with a passion for mentoring.

Over the last decade I have developed experience in mentoring other junior doctors and teaching student doctors.

During my twenties I volunteered with Millennium Volunteers with pre-school children, teenagers and young adults with learning disabilities.

I have completed a short training course in Coaching and Mentoring and am currently completing my ILM 5 certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring.

I am sport and fitness enthusiast, and keen artist and believe in the benefits of a healthy mind through mindfulness, an awareness of our own personalities and how we interact with those around us.

Tikvah Hope Sanctuary Mentoring project aims to match all young women who, alongside our leadership courses, are inspired to reach for their goals.

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